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About me,

Breana Bauer.

Hi, my name is Breana Bauer and as you know I am a photographer, specializing in luxury real estate. I've been in the photography field for over six years now and just like many other artists, I aim to capture beauty. My goal is to not only show the elegant and exquisite features of your home or business, but also emphasize the characteristics that make it unique. As an artist, you can trust that I will bring out the personality of your home in the most breath taking way.

As a young adult, I have been brought up with the latest and greatest technology that this world has to offer. I am profoundly advanced with technology and state-of-the-art equipment that is completely modernized to fit today's contemporary society. Over the years I have won quite a few awards and scholarships because of my aesthetic photographs and I hope that you will love my work as much as I love doing it.

I do business all across LA county and the surrounding areas. For inquiries, questions, or more information please feel free to contact me! Thank you!

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